Rose Quartz

Le Quartz Rose

Rose Quartz is a mineral species in its own right, it belongs to the group of silicates and is mainly composed of silicon dioxide.

Rose quartz deposits are found mainly in Brazil but also in all other magmatic and hydrothermal environments such as Namibia, Mozambique, Mexico, Madagascar, Sweden and even France.

This is why pink quartz is present in the history of several civilizations around the world such as the Greeks, Romans, Mesopotamians, Hebrews or even the Hurrians.

In lithotherapy it is associated with the 4th chakra which is of course that of the heart.

Stone of love, appeasement and healing, it strengthens the link that exists between all things. It relieves stress, anxiety and brings inner cohesion. Rose quartz also helps in forgiveness and compassion.

On the physical level it relieves headaches and superficial burns thanks to its healing properties. It promotes the elimination of toxins and tensions present in the muscles. Rose quartz also has the privilege of stimulating the circulatory and renal systems.

In Western astrology the planet linked to rose quartz is Venus, symbol of love.

This energy stone purifies itself with clear water and recharges its energy at night in the light of the moon. Avoid placing it in the sun as it is fragile and could lose its color. You can also recharge it by placing it on an amethyst geode.

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